Friday, July 14, 2006

Bring your Bike on the Metrolink

I recently started taking the train to work so I can train and save on gas. My point here is that riding to work is a good option to get in time on the bike. Some of you may not ride to work because it's too far or takes too long. I fell into this category but riding to the train station to and from work cut back the distance. It does take me longer to get to and from work (about 30-45 mins longer) however I feel the time spent here is better than the 1-2 hours I'd be spending later to do a bike workout. So try riding to work someday and look into the Metrolink as an option if you had the concerns I did. For those who don't already know the Los Angeles / Orange County Metrolink system has really grown over the past few years. Check out their website to see all the stops.

Here's a picture of my bike on the Metrolink. There are 2 open spaces per car on each train. So far I've never run into an issue where I didn't have space for my bike.