Friday, June 23, 2006

Ride with a group

I recently started riding with the New Century MS150 training group. It's a great way to get in my cycling training. So far I've enjoyed it because there are both people faster and slower than me. Here are some of the benefits to cycling with a group:
- Riding with faster guys gives me something to push towards.
- Luckily I was with the group when I got a flat because my replacement was also flat. Thanks Pat for the good tube.
- I get to learn more about cycling being around more experienced cyclists.
- I get to train with my wife so she doesn't continue to blow me away on the bike.
- It's fun.
- There are plenty of other reasons why riding with a group is beneficial. I suggest you go out and try it to find out for yourself.

Pictured left to right: Sean O'Leary, Jaweed Bari, David Alvarez, Pat Jesson, Peggy, Phil Thomas, Eric Millspaugh

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Kam Patel said...

Do you know Phil Thomas... is he the same Phil Thomas from City University.. if so I am trying to get in touch with him.. can you pass my details on...