Monday, May 01, 2006

Nutrition of the Bad Type

It may be obvious to most of us but being human I can't help myself. I'm talking about resisting the good tasting bad-for-you types of food. When you're training for something or taking your workouts seriously it's easy to stay on track. However I'm currently not training for anything and I don't have a set work out schedule so... even though I ran 10 mile in 2 days I knocked myself back a couple notches on the health-o-meter by ordering tons of buffalo wings for lunch and succumbed to sweet potato fries for dinner. At any rate my advice is to keep a good balance of exercise and nutrition. At least from my experience doing hard workouts does not mean I can go eat whatever I want. After eating all that bad food I didn't loose weight, I didn't feel refreshed, and I didn't get stronger like I usually do after runs. I'm not going to stop treating myself to the occasional indulgence but I definitely won't continue to eat so poorly. Be sure to train healthy for your next triathlon.

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