Friday, May 05, 2006

Polar HR not dispaying

Have you ever been on a run where your HR monitor won't display the HR? I have, here's my story and how I got it to work again.

I go on runs with a friend in the morning. Usually I get dressed put on my Polar s625x HR monitor and wait for him to show up at my house. After getting started on the run I pushed the start button on my HR monitor and waited for it to display the HR only it never got one and stayed at 0. I shrugged it off and thought that it either got to dry or it was running out of batteries. By chance I ended up putting the watch to the chest strap while running and noticed that my HR started showing again. My hypothesis is that while waiting for my friend the chest strap went idle and putting the watch to the chest strap activated it again. If you didn't already know, putting your Polar watch to the chest strap activates a function, in my case it shows the HR limits that I set.

Of course all this and more can probably be found in the manual and on Polar's online FAQs. Lucky for me I stumbled across the solution before having to go look it up. I hope this helps even if you don't have the Polar s625x.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Nutrition of the Bad Type

It may be obvious to most of us but being human I can't help myself. I'm talking about resisting the good tasting bad-for-you types of food. When you're training for something or taking your workouts seriously it's easy to stay on track. However I'm currently not training for anything and I don't have a set work out schedule so... even though I ran 10 mile in 2 days I knocked myself back a couple notches on the health-o-meter by ordering tons of buffalo wings for lunch and succumbed to sweet potato fries for dinner. At any rate my advice is to keep a good balance of exercise and nutrition. At least from my experience doing hard workouts does not mean I can go eat whatever I want. After eating all that bad food I didn't loose weight, I didn't feel refreshed, and I didn't get stronger like I usually do after runs. I'm not going to stop treating myself to the occasional indulgence but I definitely won't continue to eat so poorly. Be sure to train healthy for your next triathlon.